About me...
My name is Lucas Gaussen and I'm a freelance photographer.
 Born on a French island called Reunion Island in 1998, I moved to Norway when I was about 11 years old. My multi-cultural background and natural curiosity for esthetics and art have driven me into the world of fashion and photography at a young age. Having a little bit of experience in the industry both as a model and as a photographer. I've lately been focusing more on the creative aspects of photography.
I have a diploma in fashion design and I am currently studying Digital Marketing. I aspire to use my knowledge in fashion and my interest for marketing to improve my photography services. This is why I am looking especially (but not only) for clients with whom I can grow by being a part of reinforcing their image and comunicating their brand identity. 
 I speak French, Norwegian and English fluently so I would prefer to interact in one of those three languages. Although It is possible for me to understand some Swedish or Danish as well. 
I hope we can collaborate on creative projects and take some beautiful pictures together.
To see some of my work or to contact me, press the buttons bellow :)